First contactless hotel in the country starts operations in Grodno

The new hotel opened in the center of Grodno in place of a building that was demolished 15 years ago. The owners initially planned to build a three-storey shopping and administrative center, but finally they opted for a small hotel.

Contactless hotel in Grodno

The name of the new apart-hotel is VS Design Hotel. It occupies the second and third floors of the new building (the first floor is currently empty and offered for rent). It has a total of six rooms, and the owners say that all of them are designed and do not resemble each other. At the same time two of the six rooms are duplex.

The non-stop hotel has no staff. Or rather, they are there, but you can’t see them in person – at most you can only hear them on the phone. Communication with the administrators is through messengers or phone calls.

VS Design Hotel has no ordinary reception desk. You will have to check in personally. And remotely: you need to enter the hotel website and book the room of your choice. This will require the usual in such cases information, plus you will need to send a passport photo. Payment for the room is made at the registration stage. After 15 minutes you will receive a five-digit code on your smartphone. This code is a digital pass to VS Design Hotel. The entrance doors to the hotel are equipped with a digital dial lock.

The doors are locked, and if you don’t know the same code, you won’t get inside the building. The same story with the rooms – only those who know the code can open the door. What is important, such a code from the locks is valid only at the time of arrival / departure specified in advance by the guest. For example, a client will specify in the questionnaire that he will arrive at 19.00, so he won’t be able to get into the hotel at 18.59, as the code is activated only at the check-in time, reports Vecherni Grodno.


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