How have apartment prices changed in Belarusian cities

The beginning of 2023 was active for the market throughout the country: the total demand became one of the highest for these months over the last decade. In Minsk, in comparison with the 1st quarter of last year, the number of purchase and sale transactions this year increased by 9.4%.

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What does America buy from Belarus?

In recent years, imports of goods from the United States exceeded the domestic exports to this country, and only in early 2022, was there an opposite trend.

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Belarus Real Estate Market Soars in 2022

2022 saw a record number of apartment sales in Minsk, with a 42% increase over 2020. One-bedroom apartments dominated, while new buildings made up only 10% of the market. Prices saw minor fluctuations, and the most expensive apartment sold for $500k. Analysts predict a stable market in 2023.

2023-02-26 // 0 Comments

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