About us

The Minsk Herald has been started in 2011 as an English-language blog for expats who have been living in Belarus and foreigners who were going to visit this country. The project proved to be an interesting idea and the team behind it decided to move forward and start doing full scale news resource.

In 2014 the site has moved to dedicated hosting and refreshed its design. In the same year The Minsk Herald also introduced projects which might help our visitors from abroad to know more about Belarus.


Our aim
The Minsk Herald wants to present Belarus to outside world. Our state is still relatively unknown by many of people. There are a lot of confusions, mistakes and prejudice about Belarus and we would like to correct this situation.

Our ultimate target is to become N1 web news resource about Minsk and Belarus in English. Completion is tough but we strongly believe that it is achievable.


Our views
The Minsk Herald welcomes all thoughts and opinions from absolutely different sides of political spectrum. We truly believe in freedom of speech and a right for everyone to voice his or her ideas without fear of punishment. Any thought however challenging and unusual it can be should be heard and analyzed. The only requirements are neutral, non-offensive language and use of facts as basement for conclusions.


Out team
There are a few of people who work for The Minsk Herald at the moment. Some of then spend a lot of time, the others do their activities occasionally but each contribution is equally valuable for us. The Minsk Herald would like to be the best work place for people who want to persuade their career in media. Anyone with desire to excel is welcome.

The company staff is based in Minsk, Belarus with some remote editors who work from Australia, UK and USA.