Vulitsa Ezha was held at the Botanical Gardens. Look for yourself in the photos!

The city picnic Vulitsa Ezha is taking place in Minsk Botanical Garden from 12 noon to 10 p.m. on June 24-25. The programme includes lots of delicious food, workshops and other activities.

For those who miss urban festivals but don’t really like queues and crowds of people, this weekend the Botanical Gardens in the morning is the ideal place. Everyone pulls up in the evening, and there aren’t too many people at the festival until about three or four o’clock and the queues around the foodtracks are small. At some of them you can pick up your food in just a minute.

But you will often have to wait until you get a seat at a table. Especially if you want to escape the sun in the shade. Such locations turn out to be particularly popular. But space is easy to solve: you can simply grab a blanket from home and organise a picnic.

There’s no need to worry about picnic food. At Vulitsa Ezha, there are treats for both those who are used to the classics and those who go to the festival to try something new.


What about prices?

A city picnic ticket costs 17 roubles. And here are the prices for food. Hong Kong waffles will cost 10-12 roubles. There are sweet and hearty toppings. Belgian-style potatoes start at 7 roubles. Craps (almost pancakes) with a variety of fillings cost 17 rubles. Ramen are 17-19 rubles each. Burgers are 17 roubles, ribs and potatoes are 18 roubles. There are alcoholic areas – beer, wine and cocktail zones. For example, a cocktail with a Lillet tonic will cost 8 roubles.


What else is there to enjoy?

Traditionally, at Vulitsa Ezha you can not only eat great food, but also have a great time – have fun and learn something new. There’s also an outdoor cinema where you can catch your favourite films. At designer and farmers’ markets, you can buy jewellery or treats from farmers. For the unusual, you can buy a ring to be created in front of your eyes. For those bringing their kids along, there’s an age-friendly entertainment area. There is also a podcast studio and even a barbershop.

This is not the first year that the Vulitsa Ezha festival has a Realt zone. This time we are right next to the stage, you will definitely notice us because of our bright yellow colour. Come and relax in hammocks, play tic-tac-toe, take pictures in the mirror house and don’t forget to share pics on instagram and tag us.

The latest additions to the picnic include the Cinema Stage, where legendary concerts and live shows by world-famous artists are shown on a big screen, and the Secret Vinyl Place, where music lovers will gather – with sequins and disco balls on the trees, rugs and sun loungers, speakers and a vinyl record player.

You can still catch the Vulitsa Ezha town picnic today – until 10pm. Tomorrow – from 12 noon to 10 p.m. See the Vulitsa Ezha Instagram for more details.



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