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Beloozersk is the town of Berezovsky district in the Brest region. As of January 1st 2013, the city’s population reached 12 484 people. Beloozersk is situated between three lakes: White, Black and Sporovsky, not far from the district center in the city of Bereza. The town is named after the White Lake. In terms of its location from other major cities it is 100 km north-east of Brest, 250 km south-west of Minsk and 950 km south-west of Moscow. Important railways and highways of Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Brest, Minsk and Moscow pass near the Beloozersk.


History of Beloozersk

Beloozersk was founded in 1958 near the village of Nyvky as a settlement for power engineers due to the construction of Berezovskaya State District Power Plant. On June 25th 1960, the village was renamed to Beloozersk and on September 16th 1970, Beloozersk was given the status of city of regional subordination.


Beloozersk reference information


Belarusian (latin) Belaazersk
Belarusian (cyrillic) Белаазёрск
Russian (latin) Beloozersk
Russian (cyryllic) Белooзёрск
Founded 1958
Population 12,484
Region Brest
Area ( 5.84 km²
Phone code +375 1643
Time zone UTC+3
Postal code 225215
License plate 1



The main attraction of the city is the church of St. Seraphim of Sarov. The church was built in 1995, and has become hallmark of the town engineers due to its unique architectural forms.

Lovers of history and ancient architectural monuments are unlikely to be captivated or find anything of interest in the very young town of Beloozersk, albeit by Belarusian standard. On the other hand, fans of active recreation and tourism will be able to have a great time here.

You can relax in the open countryside and on the banks of the many picturesque lakes, go fishing or take a stroll in the woods and break away from the urban hustle. Lovers of rural tourism might be interested in attending Beloozersk agricultural fairs.


Accommodation in Beloozersk

There are a couple of hotels, farmsteads and a wellness center called ‘Energy’ in terms of accommodation. The wellness center is right in the middle of birch grove with White Lake being only 5 km away and Black Lake 6 km. You can find plants such as juniper, linden, rose, boxwood, lilac, chestnut, mountain ash, amongst others growing within the grounds and surroundings of the wellness center.



Beloozersk has an electromechanical plant which is the only place in Belarus where power equipment and spare parts for thermal power plants are produced. There are a number of industrial plants that are also situated in Beloozersk, such as the industrial plant of concrete products (manufacturer of paving tiles, wall blocks, road and sidewalk curbs), Berezovskaya State District Power Plant, Belarusian footwear company ‘Belkelme’ and an accumulator plant.

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