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Malorita is a town in the west of Belarus and the regional center in the Brest region. A small town with a beautiful name, Malorita is located in the depths of the Belarusian Polesie on the banks of the river with the same name. The population of the town is a little more than 11 thousand people and it is well-known to fans of outdoor activities in Belarus. Malorita is located 52 kilometers away from Brest railway station on the Brest-Kovel route. The highest point of the district is 189 meters. The minerals in the area are peat, chalk, silicate, construction sands and clays.

Malorita celebrates City Day on October 9th. Prior to this day on the 2nd Saturday of October Malorita holds an International Marathon attended by about two thousand athletes from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States and Poland. In 2008, the town hosted the XXV Jubilee Marathon.


History of Malorita

The first village called Malaya Rita was mentioned in history in 1546. Then it was a royal town, and was a member of the Beresteyskiy povet. After the 3rd partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795, Malorita was granted to General Nikolai Lansky by Russian Empress Catherine II. Despite this, the rapid development of the town started only when the railway connecting Kiev and Brest was built. Besides agriculture, the inhabitants also engaged in shoemaking, tailoring, textile, woodworking, blacksmithing to name but a few. The war of the 20th century affected Malorita as much as any other town or city. The entire Western Belarus became a part of Poland and was liberated by the Red Army only in 1939. Malorita was granted status of town in 1970.


Malorita reference information


Belarusian (latin) Malarita
Belarusian (cyrillic) Маларыта
Russian (latin) Malorita
Russian (cyryllic) Малорита
Founded 1566
Population 11, 727
Region Brest region
Area ( 7 km²
Phone code +375 1651
Time zone UTC+3
Postal code 225910,225901
License plate 1


Sightseeing in Malorita

During a visit to Malorita, tourists will come across the most striking landmarks. Among them is the most popular Church of St. Nicholas. The church was built in 1668 but undergone major changes in the early 20th century and is now the main attraction of the city.

Sporting events and festivals held in Malorita are very popular amongst the fans of healthy living in Belarus. The International athletic marathon is held here annually, everyone gathers to take part in various races at varying distances; competition is open to all ages. After the race takes place, participants, supporters and residents can indulge in the ongoing events in the central area or listen to musical performances by local stars.

During a trip to Malorita, tourists will be able to visit some of the most stunning sights and about the rich history of the region. Malorita has unbelievable landscape with dense forests and lakes that will leave a memorable impression for nature lovers.


Accommodation in Malorita

There is the hotel called ‘Yubileynaya’ which offers different types of rooms to suit all preferences and there is also a sanatorium called ‘Berestie’ in terms of accommodation.



There are enterprises of food and building materials industries in the district. One of the main enterprises is ‘Malorita konservnoovoschesushilny kombinat’, which produces canned vegetables under the brand name ‘Toptyshka’. The plant’s products represented in all regions of the country are also exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and others. Agriculture is represented by meat and dairy cattle breeding, cultivated cereals, fodder crops, potatoes, and sugar beet.

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