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Zhabinka is a town in Belarus in the west of the Brest region and the administrative center of Zhabinka district. Zhabinka is a small cozy town situated on the banks of rivers Zhabinka and Mukhovets. The architecture of the town is often compared to colourful dollhouses. The place is clean, cozy, very peaceful and quiet. Despite its relative youth the town has what it takes to attract the attention of fans of recreation and tourism in Belarus.

Some scholars believe that the name Zhabinka comes from the plant zhabnik that grew here densely. The image of this plant appears on the coat of arms of the town. Others defend the version that the name of the village was given by toads inhabiting the nearby swamps.


History of Zhabinka

The first written mention of Zhabinka dates back to 1816. Then it was a small village with a few peasant households that started rapidly growing after 1871, when railroad linking Moscow to Brest was built. However, the smooth development of the town was prevented by the war of the 20th century bringing destruction and misery to local residents. Zhabinka faced new milestone in the development after 1963 when a sugar factory was built, and the town gained the name ‘Sugar City’

Zhabinka is relatively young and all existing architectural and historical monuments belong to the late 19th to the early 20th centuries. Since April 1952, Zhabinka is an urban settlement. From 1959-1962 it was a part of the Kamenets district and from 1962-1963 it was a part of the Kobrin district. On December 23rd 1970, Zhabinka received the status of city.


Zhabinka reference information


Belarusian (latin) Zhabinka
Belarusian (cyrillic) Жабінка
Russian (latin) Zhabinka
Russian (cyryllic) Жабинка
Founded 1816
Population 13, 248
Region Brest region
Area ( 0.700 km²
Phone code +375 01641
Time zone UTC+3
Postal code 225101
License plate 1


Sightseeing in Zhabinka

Excursions in Zhabinka will acquaint visitors with the main attractions of the town, among which are monuments of architecture of the late 19th to the early 20th centuries. Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Zhabinka is considered to be the oldest building. The church built in 1885 is a vivid example of wooden architecture. Among the main town attractions there are the building of the railway station ‘Zhabinka’, which was built in the early 20th century. Very popular among travelers is a tour to Zhabinski Sugar Plant. Tourists will be able to see the production process of ‘sweet gold’and even taste it. There are military sites here such as the monument to soldiers-internationalists (2001), a monument to the Polish partisans and the graves of the victims of fascism amongst others.

The park in Zhabinka located in the city center is the epicenter of cultural life of the town. There you can find an amphitheater, a summer dance pavilion, a stadium, an artificial lake with fountains, alley, tennis court and playground.

Travel to Zhabinka and legends told by local guides during a visit to iconic places and attractions will leave many pleasant memories


Accommodation in Zhabinka

There are numerous farmsteads with access to sauna and services such as fishing and mushroom picking available in Zhabinka. There are also a couple of hotels and sanatoriums located in the nearby region.



Zhabinka is mainly an agricultural area. Agriculture here is presented by food industries with meat, baked goods, sugar and soft drinks. The factories here are ‘Zhabinkskiy saharniy zavod’, ‘Zhabinskiy kombikormoviy zavod’, and ‘asfaltobitumniy zavod’. Specialization of agriculture is meat, dairy, beet, cereals and potatoes.

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