Trubetskoy gives a precedent

New band was formed on ruins of  Liapis Trubeskoy

Trubetskoy, which presents itself as inheritor of the recently dissolved rock band  Liapis Trubetskoy, is planning to play first concert in February.

“Belarusian show business is complicated enough. You need to get concert certificates which are not given or could be got but with big difficulties. In each town you have to coordinate every concert from the beginning and now it’s our main task. But at first we have to create a precedent– we want to give our concert in Belarus just once and show the authorities that the sky didn’t fall. If it happens and the sky will not fall, so we will talk about real tour,” – press attaché of the group Alex Berger said.

In plans first concert shows will be given in February and they will open tour. Organizers say during the performances in Minsk (February 13), Gomel (February 14) and Vitebsk (February 21) fans can hear best “Liapis Trubetskoy” singles but also new compositions. The concerts in Vitebsk club “Europe” and Gomel club “Planet” will be solo. Besides this the group will give concerts in Stockholm, Moscow and Ryazan in February.

Performance of Trubetskoy in Minsk is planned in the context of music awards “Daem rady” in Re:Public club. This annual music award was founded in 2012 by belarusian radio station Euroradio. By the way, “Liapis Trubetskoy” got the award like best group last year. This year its follower Trubetskoy will be headliner of the concert and debutant on belarusian stage. It is planning such groups like Akute, Razbitae serca pacana, Mutnae voka, Haina will also perform on the stage.

“For us it’s great honor to represent our country and no matter where we are, on the logo we have Minsk inscription so we can’t wait to see our belarusian fans. We guarantee a lot of good songs and real rock-and-roll,” – Pavel Bulatnikov said.
“Trubetskoy will come – it’s like Liapis but alive,” – is written on group’s page in social network Vkontakte. Group Trubetskoy was founded in September 2014 by ex-participants of “Liapis Trubetskoy”: Pavel Bulatnikov (vocal), Ruslan Vladyko (guitar), Alex Starozhuk (percussion) and Ales-Frantsishak Myshkevich (ex Krambabulia, J:morc). Today band has song Swallow and mini album Fir tree, and also performances in Russia and Ukraine.

If Trubetskoy is an original follower of one of the most popular music band in Belarus then group Brutto which was founded by ex-leader “Liapis” Sergey Mikhalok is a team with mix of revolution fume and creative repulse by Ornella Muti and now this band got unreliable reputation and as the result the group is in notorious black list. On February 29 Brutto had to sing on Misk-Arena like headliner of Kontinental Hockey League, but performance was cancelled. Hockey club “Dinamo” tendered an apology to fans and explained it as necessary changes before match.

Trubetskoy has to become a guest of open course “Mova nanova” on this Monday. Their song “Nearby” was offered for translation by participants of the classes. They promised to sing the best translation.

Besides this group announced music film Trubetskoy. Creative union “Children’ sun” and group of people which includes Belarusians, Norwegians, Lithuanians, Russians and Ukrainians work on film The Band. “The main aim of this film to show what is Trubetskoy. Somebody thinks that Trubetskos is Liapis band without Mikhalok or cover band which will sing “Apple trees” and “Snowstorm” in taverns. And we try to explain in our film it is not true. In essence it’s our film card,” – press attaché of the group Alex Berger said. The premier Trubetskoy The band has to occur on January 26 at the same time in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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