Galleria Minsk Shopping Centre will open in 2016

The new building also includes Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

The construction site at Pobediteley Avenue at the place of BSU hostel has started in 2012. The hostel was pulled down and the place was enclosed with a fence. At first the fashionable hotel Double tree by Hilton and the mall Galleria Minsk could have been opened by Ice Hockey World Championship 2014. But the end of the construction was moved to the first quarter of 2016 due to the technical reasons.

“The construction time was a little bit changed. We are opening at the first quarter of 2016,” – said Irina Pehova, the manager of the shopping centre Galleria Minsk. – “During the construction activity we are faced with some technical problems: ground waters and the necessity of trunk system to be taken out of the building. So we moved time of opening to a later date.

The supermarket, fashion-gallery and food-court.

The multifunctional centre consists of the 4-star hotel Double Tree by Hilton (193 rooms) and the shopping centre. It is the biggest centre in Belarus, having  54, 5 thousand sq. meters, 38 of it will be used for renting. The Real Estate Developer is Renaissance Construction, which is the 53rd  in the world among the construction companies.

On the underground floor there will be the supermarket with 4,5 thousand sq. meters in area totally. Accessory, perfume, cosmetics and jewelry shops – on the first floor, the fashion gallery with clothing and shoe shops – on the second and the third floors. In addition the creators assure us it will be for customers of different purchase weights.

“Because of the location in the centre of the city near the Double Tree By Hilton Hotel, on the second floor of our fashion gallery we are planning to place goods of mid-level plus, on the third floor – brands of mid-level. We do not hurry to talk about brands placing there, as now we are having negotiations with makers and are closing deals with them. Of course, there will be brands which present in other centers, but there will be new ones” – Irina continues

On the fourth floor there will be specialized goods: sport ones, household appliances and electronics, household goods. And the fifth floor will be all childish – there will be goods for children. The mother and child’s room will open there too. And the last level of the centre will be taken for food: the big food-court with fast food restaurants, cafes and bars will place there. The Sky-restaurant – on the roof.


The foreign chef will work here to surprise our visitors all the time. Furthermore, we are planning to keep prices on the same level with city ones.

The car park of 1000 parking spaces  joins the centre with the tunnel.

“You can get on the first and second floors from the parking. There will be lifts where people can move from to that level where their cars are. Also people who want to visit the cinema “Moskva” will be able to leave cars there,” – Irina said . – “In general, the parking in the centre of the city is a sensation, which the creators have done, in particular, the German Professor, Doctor of Science – Doctor Irmcher. He is an adviser to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in German; according to his books the parkings are constructed all over the world. In addition to it there will not be any columns and parking places will be on 45 degrees. It allows a driver to get where the empty places are”

At the building display the city festivals will be transmitted.

“We are in the city centre, where bus stops and pedestrian crossings are near us. In summer at the bunder near Palace of Sport there are a lot of events which we are planning to take part in.
A multimedia display can help to achieve it.” – Irina explains – “The monitor square – 330 meters, it is the biggest one in our country. We will show not only entertainment, adverts, but trailers of the city actions, which will be near Palace of Sport. The airplay will be go out of the acoustic systems situated near the place.”

By the way, the facade created by architect Ugis Zabers forces to be proud of: it consists of 3600 glass panels which according to the special order are handmade.

“Before they are delivered to us they have been processed in France, Lithuania and Latvia. Ant it is a manufactory product, the details of which are not the same. So when the building has finished the wave effect will present,” – said corporate employees. – “There is no such a building in the world. It is unique.”

The creators are sure that inspite of the increasing quantity of shopping centres which are a lot in our capital, they will be able to pay citizens’ attention.

“Today you do not stay for a long time into the centres because you are not interested in it: you came, hit the shops and went out. We offer you a new form of a mall where the first place the atmosphere and feelings take and after that shopping is. It is an absolutely new conception for Minsk. We will have concerts, master-classes and other interesting meetings,” – said Irina. – “We will do everything to create our gallery not only for shopping, but like a celebration, and Galleria Minsk will be not only a mall, but a meeting place and the centre of city life.”

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