Olga Khizhinkova: Life is always brilliant

Miss Belarus 2008 tells about her life and career

Olga Khizhinkova is a charming girl from the Dvina part, one of the most beautiful girl in the country. 21years old native of village Zaborov’e in the Lepel district was the Miss Belarus titelholder and an international beauty pageant “Miss World” contestant. After her nobody from our countrywoman could make such progress in the national beauty pageant. “Vit’bichi” have got to know, how has her fate come about.

Olga, it is seven years since you became the one diadem made of white gold and precious gems. How did your life change after the beauty pageant “Miss Belarus 2008”?

It did  full turnaround. For the better, of course. I live in the capital in the comfortable single bedroom flat, which I have become after the show. I have a favorite work. Today I teach defile in the National Beauty School and take part in the promos of famous belorussian brands.

In the 2012 I have married with my beloved boyfriend Ivan Morozov. Before we married, we had been dated six years. He is from Vitebsk by the way. He graduated State Technological University Vitebsk, worked as a builder. Today he is a principal engineer in the shopping center “Korona”.

After the beauty pageant, on which he sent me, we moved in Minsk together. At the time under the contract I couldn’t marry in two years. But it didn’t afraid us. The wedding was celebrated in Vitebsk. There was lowly, amond the most close people, in the warmhearted company.

Besides Vocational Light Industry College Vitebsk you graduated from Faculty of Journalism Belorussian State University. How is your career in journalism?

In the childhood I wanted to be a teacher. I tried to enter the Masherova State University Vitebsk on the faculty of philology, but I was rejected on a competitive basis. By the way, in Minsk I chose a long time between this faculty and faculty of journalism. I don’t regret that I got such a profession. I was press secretary on the TV channel “ОНТ”, I have got to know many interesting people and interviewed many famous people.


Surely for your pupils you are not only a teacher, but also an ideal of beauty to which they want to look up. How do you manage to be on form?

Now I weight 66 kg with the length 186 cm. There are no secrets. All of us love for our self, but it’s necessary to look in the mirror without bias and all the time refine oneself. Honestly speaking, I have a terrible dependence on the starches. I love buns, cakes, patisseries, dairy produce. But I can take a hold on myself. I don’t eat after 18.00.

Also I don’t forget about physical activity. I like jogging. Even in winter I jog in the park. Besides this one hour I take exercises at home and go to the swimming pool, sometimes my husband goes with me. I think, if a man want to become thin, but can’t, he is lazy. Today there are many facilities to be on form. It is necessary to have a wish.

And how do you care about your skin? Surely you have a folk remedy, which you can share? How do you feel about “youth injections” and botox?

As any self-respecting girl, of course, I care about my skin. I visit a cosmetician every month. I have a favorite “recipe of youth” , which I use at home this is honey scrub. I buy buckwheat or propolis honey. Important is, it will be not candied. I bathe my face and apply honey with massage tapping motions. It cleans pores very well and refreshes the face.

What about new in cosmetology, I am fine with it, if we speak about women of ripe years, who would like and could be in good looks. But if a young person spoils her natural beauty … I think, for girls it’s enough to look after theirselfs, starting off with hair and ending with nails. And it doesn’t matter, which cosmetics do you use. They are young, fresh and well groomed so they have appeal.


A big part in the man’s appearance plays relaxation. How does one of the most beautiful girls in the country relax?

My husband and I prefer calm family relaxation, we are not party persons. We better ride a bicycle, go by car to the relative in Vitebsk or in Zaborov’e. Usually we go there once a month. We relax, go in the forest to pick mushrooms and berries.


In the social network I noticed, that you are not indifferent to the stray pets. How do you help their?

Pets can’t defend themselves. Although we have two pets – a cat Klepa ant a tabby Musya, but sometimes we take stray pets. We cure them, find for them owners, take for the temporary holding.
One day my mother became a dog Bonya. It was a year and a half ago. I drove to the parents. By the side of the road I looked a dog. I stopped to feed him. It emerged, that his leg was broken. I came back in Minsk, where the dog was operated. Next day we took him to the village. Incidentally, Klepa was a stray too.


It’s spring, sun, flowers… In social networks you have many pictures with flowers. Do you like it?

Yes! Incidentally, I’m not only a judge but a beginning floristry expert too. I completed a base course and plan to develop in this direction. Sometimes I make bunches for my relatives and friends. I like all the flowers – tulips, camomiles, roses… It’s important they are fresh and natural like a spring.



Source: Vitbichy

Photo: Olga Khizhinkova personal archive

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