Hot June 2023! What do Minsk women and men wear in the heat?

Minsk Street Fashion in June 2023

The summer of 2023 was one of the hottest in Minsk’s history. The temperature soared above 30 degrees Celsius for weeks, making the city feel like a sauna. The air was humid and sticky, and the sun was relentless. People tried to find ways to cool down, such as going to the river, swimming pools, or air-conditioned malls. Some even installed sprinklers on their balconies or rooftops. But nothing seemed to help much. The heat was exhausting and oppressive, and everyone hoped for a thunderstorm or a breeze to bring some relief. It was a summer to remember, but not in a good way.

Despite the scorching heat, the street fashion in Minsk was vibrant and diverse. The girls showed off their style and personality with colorful and creative outfits. Some of the popular items were multicolored shorts, sky blue denim skirts, pink leather biker jackets, lilac coats, and beige trench coats . They also accessorized with sunglasses, baseball caps, ankle boots, and bags of various shapes and sizes. The street fashion in Minsk was a refreshing contrast to the dull and oppressive weather, and a way for the girls to express themselves and have fun.

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