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Gantsevichi is a small town in the Brest region and is famous for its traditions and crafts. Gantsevichi was founded in 1898 on the confluent of Pripyat and Tsna. The town developed due to the construction of the railway Baranovichi – Luninets – Gantsevichi in 1884. There is the Russian military facility radio locator ‘Volga’ near Gantsevichi. The experimental base of the Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus is situated 3 kilometers away from Gantsevichi. Central Botanical Garden mainly conducts studies of plants in the cranberry family such as blueberries, honeysuckle and arctic raspberries to name but a few. Gantsevichi is located 96 kilometers from Pinsk and 190 km from Minsk.

Two Belarusian athletes, swimming champion Alexandra Gerasimenya and runner Maxim Lynsha were born in the Gantsevichi area, but this town is known for many other things than just these two athletes.


History of Gantsevichi

Gantsevichi is a relatively young town. In ancient times the land on which the 19th century settlement appeared was part of various states such as Turov and Pinsk Principalities, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The very first mention of Gantsevichi was back in the 19th when the village was part of the estates of Count Chapsky. Rapid growth of the settlement had started in 1884 when a railway station was built here on an important route which connected Vilnius to Luninets. The development of Gantsevichi continued in Soviet times and in 1973 it received the status of town.


Gantsevichi reference information


Belarusian (latin) Gantsavichi
Belarusian (cyrillic) Ганцавічы
Russian (latin) Gantsevichi
Russian (cyryllic) Ганцевичи
Founded 1898
Population 14,043
Region Brest region
Area ( 1,710 km²
Phone code +3751646
Time zone UTC+3
Postal code 225440, 225431
License plate 1



Sightseeing in Gantsevichi

Gantsevichi because of the fact it is fairly young does not boast of numerous architectural monuments. One of the main attractions is the manor of Podarevskih ‘Gorki’ which is located on the outskirts of the town. The building was erected in the middle of 19th century. There are also barracks of the Polish border squad, however the appearance of the 1920’s building has undergone extensive changes and today hardly resembles the building of that era.

Museum of Local History in Gantsevichi famous for its rich exposition may be of great interest to tourists. Tourists who choose to vacation in Belarus will be able to come across numerous exhibits of archeology, ethnography, art and numismatics.

As equally exciting may be a visit to the House of Crafts in Gantsevichi. Travelers will not only learn about folk crafts of Belarus, but will also be able to purchase their favorite products such as ritual towels, tapestries, art panels and various other souvenirs.

Lovers of more upbeat holiday events in Belarus might be interested in various festivals celebrated in Gantsevichi the most striking of which is Kupalye. There is also a great variety of activities that awaits a visitor such as theatrical performances, various entertainment events, as well as musical performances which culminates in the burning of scarecrow and dancing around the fire Kupala.

Travel to Gantsevichi will enable visitors to get acquainted with the history of the town, its traditions and cultural events whilst leaving the lasting memory of a pleasant experience.


Accommodation in Gantsevichi

For accommodation there are a couple of farmsteads, a recreation center and a hotel.



Economy of the area is represented by the production of construction materials and food industries. The major industrial production companies are the ‘Module’ and ‘Molochniy zavod’ amongst various others. Agricultural specialization is in meat and dairy products.

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