What to do in Minsk: December 2015

Have free time? Then have a look at our list of December events which could be interesting for you

With the approach of the cold season, people try to spend more and more time at home wrapped in tartan blankets, sipping hot chocolate and rewatching ‘Home Alone’ for a hundreds’ time. Seems like a tempting offer? Well, how about trying to stop quoting Christmas movies and creating some unforgettable memories this December to discuss at New Year’s eve? Here is our list of cultural events which must be visited this December.



‘Van Gogh Alive’  exibition

Probably one of the greatest exhibitions to visit this winter is the ‘Van Gogh Alive’ presented in ‘Cech’ on the Oktyabrskaya str. 16 which is dedicated to the artists’ 125th anniversary. Forget about going on tiptoe from one exhibition hall to another, whispering in order not to break the sacred silence and trying to see a painting behind all the other people. Now you have a unique possibility to literally appear inside of the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. On the exhibition which was already presented in Istanbul, Santiago, Singapore and Budapest, 400 artists’ works will come to life in front of you. The creation of 3D-printer hasn’t influenced Belarusian art events yet, but such kind of multimedia installation is revolutionary for our country. Reproductions of works of art are projected on large screens accompanied by the sounds of classical music which is creating a kind of magical reality. It should also be mentioned that there are some surprises for the visitors. For example, everyone will have a possibility to take a photo in the ‘Bedroom in Arles’ or to take part in a master-class and try to recreate any Van Gogh’s masterpiece with the help of professional artists.

The exhibition started on 13th November and will last till 13th December.
The working hours are 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. from Sunday till Thursday, on Friday and Saturday you can stay till 9 p.m.
The tickets are 105,000-385,000 BYR per person.


Exhibition of the original paintings of Pablo Picasso and Francisco de Goya

A sensational exhibition of the original paintings of Pablo Picasso and Francisco de Goya will be opened in the National Arts Museum on 21st December and will last till March. The names of the artists are known all over the world, every work of them is unique. Goya shows the complexity and variety of shapes and colors, while Picasso is known for his rebellious spirit full of pain. Minsk art society will be satisfied as they will have the opportunity to see more than 100 graphic works from the collection of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Such kind of exposition is new for us. Before the works of art could be seen only in great museums of Italy, Brazil and India. The opening of the exposition will be attended by such figures as the Academician of the Royal Academy Juan Bordes and Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Belarus in Spain Pavel Latushko (former Belarusian Minister of Culture). No one will leave the exhibition without a lot of emotions, because those works will not only interest connoisseurs of art but also touch the hearts of those who just like to look at something beautiful.

The tickets’ price will depend on the age of the visitors. For adults it will be 110,000 byr. on week days and 120,000 byr. during the weekend. For school students it will be 70,000 byr. and 80,000 byr. Respectively. Children under the age of 6 as usual enter for free.


Cat Museum

While people in Vilnius spend their evenings cuddling with fluffy creatures in their ‘Cat Café’ Belarussians don’t hesitate to follow that fashion movement and even bring something new to it. The Cat Museum is a cosy family place at Dzerzhinsky avenue 11 where till the 17th February you can not only spend time with those cute animals but also see the reproductions of paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Mark Shagal and many others at the exhibition ‘Catclassics’.

The tickets are about 40,000 BYR per person.



‘Startup of the Year 2015’ conference

Great news for business society and all the clever ambitious people. On 12th and 13th December in Victoria Olymp Hotel a conference ‘Startup of the Year 2015’ will be held. This grand affair will become a final event in the Invest Weekend series. During two days more than 300 participants will present their projects to the experts in the field of technology and business development, representatives of investment funds, banks, corporations and government agencies, as well as show themselves in leading media. The organizer of the forum is a business support center Ltd. ‘Startup technologies’. The program includes a variety of master classes by leading experts, business games, vivid musical performances. At the end of the meeting each participant gets over 30 expert assessments of its project, which helps him not only to modify the presentation and generally improve the project, but also attract the interest of a particular investor, to find a partner. ‘Startup 2015’ is a unique possibility to develop your business. The registration is still opened; the price is 170,000 byr. per person. You are ambitious, purposeful and intelligent? You have a project that will change the world, and you are ready to submit it? You want to become a member of the festival of entrepreneurship and innovation? Then the “Startup of the Year 2015” – exactly what you need!



Mafia Club

Those who don’t like grand events and prefer spending time with friends playing card or board games can join the first Mafia Club in Minsk. Mafia – is a team psychological role-play game with a detective plot which will be interesting for people of nearly every age. You can join the club every day at 7 p.m. at Olshevskaya str. 10. It will cost you only 100,000 BYR. and will bring unforgettable experience, new acquaintances and good mood for the rest of the week.


New ‘Star Wars’ movie

‘Every generation has a story’. Fans of the epic space opera franchise are trembling every time they see these words as it is the slogan of the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. Wake up, cinema lovers! You were waiting for it during long 7 years and finally ‘Star Wars: The force awakens’ will hit the cinemas this winter, on 17th December. You should also draw your attention to the fact that our English-speaking visitors and all the others now have the possibility to enjoy the latest movie premieres on the original language. Speaking about other movie releases, the beginning of December will please the audience with the last part of ‘The Hunger Games’ mediafranchise – ‘The Mockingjay. Part 2’. All book and movie fans can see the end of their favorite story directed by Grammy-awarded Francis Lawrence. A classical story of a monster ‘Victor Frankenstein’ directed by Paul McGuigan will be on the screens till 6th December. Daniel Radcliffe known all over the world as Harry Potter, the boy who lived, can be seen from another side in this movie. Kids can enjoy a new cartoon ‘The Good Dinosaur’ by Disney and Pixar who continue creating for us amazing stories full of friendship and loyalty.


Trade fair ‘Mlyn’

Usually with the beginning of winter everybody starts thinking about Christmas. People become slightly nervous, trying to find good presents for their friends and relatives. Everybody has that New Year’ fever. You can find a lot of amazing hand-made gifts created with love by more than 500 artists During 18th-20th December on a trade fair ‘Mlyn’ (‘Mill’) at BelExpo (Yanki Kupaly str. 27). It is a special creative space where you can not only buy the author’s jewelry, designer clothes, furniture, but also take fascinating master classes and competitions. Elegant and original crafts will fill your house with a small miracle and comfort.



The last question left is where to celebrate Christmas eve? From 20th December till 6th January kids can spend time at the ‘Main Christmas Tree’ – the annual New Year performance for children with great decorations and interesting unusual scenario, after which they can meet Father Frost (Belarussian Santa) and receive some gifts from him. On Christmas eve, 24th December, at 20.00 under the night sky of a concert hall “Upper Town” at Svobody Square 23A, a chamber ensemble “Minsk-Classic” invites all fans of the popular classical music to plunge into the festive atmosphere of the big Christmas concert and get a lot of positive emotions. Children’s choir and classical music will create the atmosphere of real Christmas.

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