Belarus Fashion Week starts April, 11 in new format

Following the international trend of combining fashion with innovative technologies, the Fashion Tech Hub platform will be presented for the first time at the Fashion Week, which will be held in April 11-15, demonstrating technology solutions for the fashion industry.

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What to do in Minsk – January 2017

The first month of the year is great time for new plans and new starts. So we have made a list of interesting activities for January. Because having wonderful time should definitely be one of the main goals for every year.

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Key topics and most interesting tech news of October 2015

In the fresh October review of the most widely read tech news you will find the coverage of such major topics as smartphones, Android, processors, Apple, electric vehicles, and other high-tech elaborations

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Panasonic new products and concepts at 2015 IFA exhibition in Berlin

Russian tech site gives an outline of Panasonic products on this year’s IFA Berlin exhibition, the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, featuring an interview with vice president of the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory Ron Martin and colourist Mike Sowa

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Yachting in Belarus: what an expert says

How much does it cost to keep a yacht? Where can you get a driving license? Why is it not so bad to go sailing in Minsk Sea? For this reason,  we went to Minsk Sea to sail a yacht and speak with the

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