Tourism-2022: How do charters fly from Belarus and what is planned for the summer?

Situation with filghts from Minsk and other Belarusian cities is getting worse due to situaiton in Ukraine. The possible destiions for Belarusians this year will remain Egypt and Turkey.

Belarus filghts to Egypt and Turkey

The only consolidator of existing charter programs at present is AeroBelService. All charter programs are carried by the national Belarusian carrier, Belavia.


Now the tour operator consolidates the charter programs to the two main Egypt destinations: Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. In addition to AeroBelService, Coral Travel, ANEX Tour, Fun&Sun Belarus (ex TUI Belarus), InterCity, ROSTING and KOMPAS are working on these rountes as operators.

Flight from Minsk to Hurghada is carried out every ten days. According to the consolidator, in April, the frequency of flights will change slightly – the flight will be carried out once every 9 or 12 days.

Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, until recently, were carried out three times a week, now it’s twice a week. It is possible that the program will be optimized, so it will be possible to fly from Minsk to Sharm el-Sheikh once every 10 days.

Adjustments are made to the programs all the time. After the closure of the south of Russia for flights, the aircraft from Minsk to Egypt fly quite a long route – with a round trip through Kazakhstan and refueling in Aktau. Travel time is 8 hours and 30 minutes in one direction (including landing in Kazakhstan). The extra fee for such a flight is $170 per person, reports the Republican Union of Travel Organizations.

Earlier, there were charter flights from Belarus to Egypt, consolidated by tour operators “Tez Tour” and Join UP. “Tez Tour” stopped the Egyptian programs from March 5 until April 15. Ukrainian tour operator “Join UP” announced that there were circumstances of insuperable force (force majeure).


In addition to the charter program in Egypt, during the “high season” AeroBelService plans charters to Turkey – noting that the planned programs may undergo changes due to the unstable general situation.

The first AeroBelService charter to Antalya is scheduled to start on April 17, 2022. A total of five flights from Minsk to the Turkish resort are scheduled for April. In May the number of flights will be increased.

“It is not yet known whether there will be overflights on the way to Turkey and the associated surcharges,” comments the tour operator. If the region remains turbulent, taking into account the overflight, the flight time from Minsk to Antalya will be 6 hours 5 minutes on the way there and 5 hours 50 minutes on the way back. Intermediate landings and refueling are not planned.

“We’ll see by load,” AeroBelService says. – We hope that all together, by joint efforts, we will manage to do at least the minimum program.

In addition to flights to Antalya, AeroBelService has also declared air charter programs to such Turkish resorts as Bodrum, Izmir, Dalaman (with the start of the chain in late May).

According to information provided by Tez Tour, the consolidator’s flight program to Antalya from Minsk will start on 17 April.

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