Minsk pupils to be tested for drugs

Experimental testing will start on March

In Minsk in March will be hold experimental psychosocial survey. This was reported on 11 February by chief of educational and ideological work department of the education committee of Minsk City Executive Committee Anna Rysevets at the press conference, devoted to the prevention of juvenile delinquency and drug abuse.

Anna Rysevets reminded, that Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education worked out documents, according to which in next school year in schools should be realized “this forms of works, which directed to definition and early revealing of behavioral risk and which coordinate work with children and their parents”.

“Today in the capital 63 pedagogue-psychologists were prepared, and in experimental regime we will try to carry out such survey on the base of separate educational establishments for detection problem moments, in order to eliminate the risks at this point”. Last year, as she said, from educational establishments was obtained information about 93 minors, who were taking and distributing psychoactive substances, and information about 62 minors was proved.

“Today we conduct a training work among teachers for revealing signs among children, who are under drug intoxication. There is an insert ”Health lifestyle” on the website of Committee, where guidelines are placed. They contain the main external signs, which denote drug taking. There is an action algorithm for teacher. This information is being communicated during qualification training”, said Rysevets.

As reported deputy of informational department prevention of management guard of law and order and preventive measures GUVD of Minsk Executive Committee Evgeniy Abramovich, administration of Zavodskoy district of Minsk  “has begun to encourage educational establishments, directors, teachers, who give information about suspicious behavior of teenagers”.

Now this experiment carries out in the city for encouragement of pedagogues.

More information is obtained every day and we arranged interaction in solution problem of young people narcotization. About this fact, that psychosocial survey in educational establishments of Belarus is planned to carry out since next studying year, reported minister of education Mikhail Zhuravkov during online-conference on 5 February on website BELTA .

“For realizing survey procedure among pupils and students for revealing inclination to drug and CBD smoking mixes taking, is developed and approved the order of conducting of psychosocial survey and medical inspection for alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances usage. The scientific-methodical provision of compulsory survey of students for usage of alcohol drinks and drugs is developed in establishments of secondary, but also vocational, secondary and higher education”, he said.

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