Everybody wants to be in the Park

Belarus counts on the billion rubles investments in the China-Belarus industrial park "Great Stone Industrial Park", and its residents - on the unprecedented benefits

2015-11-02 // 0 Comments

Russian food embargo: gain or pain for Belarus?

Some experts saw great potential in the sanctions situation for the Belarussian agricultural producers and processors as the common market importers together with Russia. Have the expectations been met?

2015-08-17 // 2 Comments

Real estate prices drop in every part of Belarus

Since the beginning of the year housing prices have been down throughout Belarus. Buyer’s activity has been on a very low level as well. Professionals assume that Belarus will face long-lasting recession in the real estate market.

2015-06-18 // 2 Comments

“Milavista” operates in the red

“Milavitsa”, Belarusian manufacturer of women’s lingerie works only 3 days a week. Sales decrease is recorded by all brands Estonian holding company Silvano Fashion Group (SFG) works with

2015-06-16 // 2 Comments

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