Galleria Minsk Shopping Centre will open in 2016

The construction site at Pobediteley Avenue at the place of BSU hostel has started in 2012. The hostel was pulled down and the place was enclosed with a fence. At first the fashionable hotel Double

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“Burger King” comes to Belarus

The other day there appeared the billboards with the information about forthcoming opening of the American fast-food restaurant “Burger King” near “Kamennaya Gorka” station. As TUT.BY found

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Russian ruble will stay as a means of payment

Konstantin Artushin, the trade representative of Russia in Belarus, stated that the currency of transactions betwen two states will not be changed to dollars and euros. Additionally, the euro can not

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Selling the reforms

The Belarusian delegation is leaving for the spring session of the International Monetary Fund next

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