Bangalore’s tales of Minsk Square

Minsk is a sister city of Bangalore, India. Our Indian contributor Karthika Suresh Namboothiri tells about history of Minsk Square in the IT capital of India and what average Indians rememeber about this place. 

2016-01-12 // 0 Comments

Belarus and Serbia: A humble friendship with future perspective

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić is on official visit to Belarus. Belarus’ lobbyists in Serbia find it symbolic that the visit will take place soon after Belarusian Presidents’ inauguration and forecast an increase in turnover.

2015-11-18 // 0 Comments

USA and Belarus: steps taken to warm up relations

Ukrainian crisis and geopolitical pressure between Russia and the West has triggered a need for development of Belarusian-American relations The U.S. congressional delegation visited Minsk in the

2015-08-19 // 0 Comments

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