Victoria Azarenko is on “Roland Garros”: chances and luck

The first reaction to the sports draw of “Roland Garros” feminine schedule – well, thanks, Rapha, you have a bad turn. Nine-time champion of French “Major” sent Victoria Azarenko to the top of the schedule, not far from Serena Williams by pulling the balls out of vase. Unavoidable meeting of two passionate friends is expected in the 3rd round. Fans, who are not indifferent to the Victoria Azarenko’s fate, have already distressed about Azarenko’s unluckiness with the position in the schedule, but they didn’t understand, that actually fate made fun at Serena Williams, but not at Victoria. The total tournament schedule can be seen on the link.

It’s exactly Serena, who is the 1st racket of the world, 19th champion “Major” and two-time winner of “Roland Garros”, is to play tennis on the early stage with the player, who two weeks ago was beating match balls out of her. It’s Serena, who is asked with annoying questions about 20th “Helmet”, needs to find forces and emotional balance for two coming weeks. This leader of the Worlds ratings, who manages the Paris tournament much worse than other Big Helmet tournaments, has to contradict to the rival, who is free of nothing, except her own expectations. One day, the session of victories will be finished. So why wouldn’t it be finished in Paris, as she completed her tournament in Rome ahead the schedule due to the injury?

Of course, all these talks make sense, if only Belarusian and American women safely reached the 3rd round. By and large, nothing disturbs the main contradiction of the first play week. After Spanish woman Maria-Teresa Torro-Flor Victoria may play with Lucy Gradetska at the start round, who she has recently won in Rome. Serena, as a warm-up, plays with the winner of qualification Andrea Glavachkova, and the “qualifier” Alexa Glatch or Anna-Lena Freedsam, who is just average abilities. There are all reasons to believe, that Belarusian – American Battle still will be held.

In thinking of the future champion it’s not necessary to dismiss Maria Sharapova. Though the Russian women didn’t make so successful ground set in this season as in 2012 and 2014, after she had won “Roland Garros”, her tennis qualification and especially her motivation deserve lots of compliments. To support the tone and victorious mood she won the tournament in Paris, presented the outfit, which was specially created for the tournament, and she is so confident in herself before the beginning, that she doesn’t feel shy about public kisses with Grigory Dimitrov. Generally, she feels as the mistress of the situation. Serena Williams isn’t everywhere. She almost forgot about her injury in the elbow, that was the reason of her refusal of “Premier” in Rome. The American doesn’t tell about her injury, just telling about the complex of rehabilitating exercises, but it doesn’t have any influence on her mood. She says coquettishly about her opportunities to win two tens of the most prestige titles: “Every day I think that I am lucky. To win 19 “Helmets” is already superb. But if there are 20 of them, it will be perfect”. She tells about it carefully, because she came to the main tournament without any title.

And only Petra Kvitova is so modest, as even Cinderella looks really arrogant against the background of her. Petra doesn’t consider herself as a favourite. “I would just repeat the last year’s result – the 3rd round – or reach the 2nd week of the tournament”, – said the 4th racket of the world and two-time champion of  Wimbledon. Modest heart never won fair lady, – not without the reason considers Petra. Anyway, she got one “Premier” in the season, it’s Madrid.

After the Friday’s draw the bookmakers revised their opinions and made some changes in the sports prognosis. Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova take the 1st and the 2nd positions as they did, but Petra Kvitova moved Victoria Azarenko out of the 4th position. Yet on Thursday the Belarusian player confidently left behind the Czech one. The prearranged 3rd position is taken by Simona Halep. The chances of the Romanian player define her conventional position. Halep’s chances are the same as Sharapova ones: 9/2. For comparison, the Serena William’s chances to win the 20th “Helmet” are 11/4, Azarenko’s are 12/1.

Victoria begun her tour with the match of the 5th round against Maria-Teresa Torro-Flor on Monday eith a deciseive win.

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