Minsk Street Fashion: September 2015

People in Minsk are getting ready to autumn. Look and read what they say about their outfit and why they choose this particular item in their wardrobe

September in Minsk means that the weather is unpredictable outside. You can see a girl in a fur coat, and then a boy in flip-flops. CityDog, an online magazine about Minsk, stops random passers – journalist who likes Paris, a speech therapist in spats and a student dressed from the 80’s – on Minsk streets and ask them to explain why they wear what they wear.


I am studying crafts at the University of Culture: pottery, weaving and so on. I knit constantly during my free time and I hope to knit in the future as well. I always carry with me some knitting thread and I knit in the classroom or on the bus when I go on a long journey. Do people pay attention to it? No, only if I hurt their elbows when I knit, but I try not to offend them (laughs). Why do I not wear knitted clothes? Well, it is not yet the season for it and besides I have only just started to knit and I can only knit simple things at the moment, although I have knitted some scarves for myself, my friend and his mum.



I am a big fan of France, so I have bought the red cap from Paris. I am aware that these red berets are the same everywhere, but I wanted mine specifically from there. The rest of what I am wearing I have bought in the spur of the moment. My skirt is by Kira Plastinina which just happened to be the same colour as my beret, the denim jacket is from H&M and it was a gift from my godmother.

I believe that the colours that we wear is a reflection of our outlook , therefore red for me is not so much about confidence but it is just suitable for the direction I am going in and the activities I am taking part in.


Oh, I have already been stopped and photographed in Vienna once as well. Actually, I drive tourists around Europe, so I buy things wherever I go and it is pretty inexpensive. My favourite city is Potsdam, it is tranquil, very nice and almost no immigrants. I also strongly advise people to go to Switzerland because it is such a beautiful country.


It is my final year at the economic faculty of BSU. Yes, I plan to be an economist and I believe I have made a very conscious decision. The most important part of my outfit and my whole image today is of course, the hat. In fact, I really just love hats, but I had never dared to wear them before .As a teenager, when no one wears a hat, well you also do not wear a hat and then one day I just decided to buy one and I really liked it! I feel that wearing a hat is very comfortable.

I bought the shoes because of the inscription ‘I can always be myself around you’. My whole image if I was not wearing a hat and any outwear, is very similar to how my aunt used to dress in the 1980s, and she really had almost the same look- tied denim shirt and black high waisted jeans. I trust my aunt very much and appreciate her taste, so I have decided to copy her style.


Eugene and Alexei

Eugene: The decision to have this particular hairstyle was not spontaneous. I just thought that if you really want it then you just have to do it and not be afraid!

Alex: I cannot remember the exact date and time, but I have had this beard for almost a year. I have only been to the barbershop twice, but generally I try to groom it myself (laughs)



I do not usually wear fancy shoes and just typically live in my trainers, but when you are in the city center then you have to put a little bit more effort in and I try to dress a little more decently. The hat that I am wearing I have taken from a friend, I bought the boots a week ago and the pouch is my mothers, I have taken it from her but she does not know, she will definitely tell me off when she finds out (laughs).


My name is Lina, because I am Polish by nationality. I am learning to be a speech therapist as I like working with kids and I have always wanted to help them. I dress a little bit differently to everyone else and I often dress in black, because I like the colour, to me it seems beautiful. Almost everything that I am wearing I have bought in Grodno because I am from there but at the moment I am learning in Minsk.


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