Minsk street fashion: November 2015

New story about what to wear in Minsk. Autumn is in Belarusian capital and its dwellers tells us why they wear this particular outfit

In breaks between endless rainy days we went out to the city streets in search of stylish people. It occurs that these days in Minsk there are many people in classical coats and other outfits of restrained colors. CityDog, an online magazine about Minsk, stops random passers – a schoolgirl in a coat of reindeer fur and designer of the jewelry factory without any accessories – on Minsk streets and ask them to explain why they wear what they wear.


Ivanna, a student of the Justice College, model

I was given such a name because my parent have a great fantasy. Today I’m wearing sneakers for the first time in my life. I have always preferred classical style, and then I decided to change a little bit. I just have a different mood. This is a fur coat from a rabbit – it was written that it’s natural fur. And I have also brought my favorite umbrella – this is my weakness, I adore umbrella walking sticks.1 (1)-600


Olga, a teacher, market analyst

The best present is a handmade thing, so these sewn scarf, gloves and sweater are made by my mother. The trousers are bought at Elema’s shop. We have a dress code: jeans are strongly prohibited, that’s why I can’t wear them at work. In comparison with the students who can wear jeans, but only classical ones. The teacher can’t wear any, and it’s normal.2 (1)-600


Elena, sale-manager

I’m wearing the coat by Estonian designer Ivo Nikkolo and a Mango’s dress and a Russia-made peaked cap.

I confess that I follow the trends and fashion. I’m aiming to be a little bit before the fashion trends. Just because the things don’t go out of date, and it’s a sort of tips and hints for everyday. Sure, I’m limited with my age, or I stint myself in such a way. I’ve always been interested in fashion, and my style evolved, but, unfortunately, to the side of restrictions. 3 (1)-600


Sergei, a host in karaoke club

Today I’m wearing everything which is convenient: here is me favorite cardigan because its very soft and warm in such weather.

My job is cool because I always have a good mood. Thus, you come to create a good atmosphere, have fun with the guests and get a supply of positive energy. What’s the most irritating? Perhaps, it exists in any kind of work. Sometimes the guests percept you not in a good way, and they don’t like you. Thus, you have to smooth things over and to find an approach to everyone.4-600


Galina, graphic designer

Now I’m a designer at the jewelry factory and I create the design of different embellishments. I’m going from work, and that’s why there is no jewellery in my look. It’s prohibited to wear anything, as we have a checking system at our factory.

I’m wearing trousers bought in Poland at sales. The bag was ordered at AliExpress, the boots were bought at a stock market, and the coat from Zara was purchased in Moscow.5-600

Arina, a schoolgirl of the 7th form

I’m keen on singing and dancing, and also go to the model agency. I wear a coat which was presented by my aunt. She brought it from Norway and said it was made of reindeer fur.6-600


Text and photo by CityDog

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