Minsk Street Style: TOP 5 couples’ looks for winter walk

For this time CityDog, an online magazine about Minsk, stops at the streets of our capital very stylish couples, and asks them to explain why they wear what they wear. The edition represents a new review of extraordinary winter looks right from the streets…

The mostt important thing for winter fashion is to keep warm.  Winter in Minsk can be problematic for many of us so we are looking for functionality rather than beauty. But some Minskers still want to impress and give us good example how to saty creative even during such harsh winter we have now.

Oksana and Andrei

artist, deputy director

Oksana: I’m wearing a Belarus-made coat by magnificent young women from Historia Naturalis who make fabulous outfits. The price is also affordable. Do I have any views on style? Yes, I try to be in style.

Andrei: And, I wear the clothes which I like, according to my mood. And, of course, I prefer bright colors.


Nastia and Sergei

economist and entrepreneur

Nastia: This Marfa’s coat was bought on fashion market, the hat is also from there, but I don’t remember the designer, and there is also a Massimo Dutti’s bag bought in Brussels. And my dress was purchased at a handmade fair of cheap Ukrainian goods. It was woolen with silk.

Sergei: I just wear casual outfits. This coat is already 5 years old. The T-shirt? I don’t know the brand. But I remember that I paid Br200 000 for it.


Nadia and Maksim

costume designer and film director

Nadia: We are from Saint Petersburg, and we arrived to Minsk to make a film. I’m wearing Elema’s coat, and a Finnish scarf – nothing at all which could be handmade, could you imagine?! By the way, I sew the hats. The most interesting in my work is to create images and to see the final result. Are there any capricious actors? It happens, but everything can be overcome. If a man likes the way he looks, then all things take their places.

Maksim: I’m wearing a steampunk cap – such ones are made a master from Krasnodar Krai, and I  haven’t seen them anywhere else. We also wear the same crosses. This cross is from Cyprus, an ancient pre-Christian symbol in which combines both the feminine and masculine origins.


Olga and Denis

accessories designer and model; IT engineer

Olga: I just reminded of my jeans brought from Barcelona, those ones decorated various strange details. Almost all clothes from this look were bought in Spain, as it’s my favorite country. The earrings are from Zorka’s latest collection.

Denis: I’m wearing ordinary boots bought in Belarus, and Diesel jeans from Rome. And a beard is Belarusian-American one, as it was grown in both countries. How do I care for it? I go to the barbershops – Chop-Chop and Firm. I haven’t yet chosen the best one.


Nadia and Vitya


Nadia: I’m wearing a gown sewn-by-me, as I’m keen on sewing. It’s important for me the outfit to be not of black color, preferably of the white one.

Vitya: And I prefer the outfit of any color, except the gray one.




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